What is your shooting process?

Consultation: Determine the shooting time, location and the package. Sign agreement and pay deposit. Choose clothing, hairstyle and make-up. Shooting: Meet the photographer one day in advance to discuss shooting details (e.g. location, tips for posing...). On the day of the shooting the stylist arrives at your hotel before dawn. Photographer and assistant arrive. Drive to first location, start shooting. Depending on your package (and the time of year) we will have a rest around midday, when the light is too strong for shooting. Then make-up renewal (some packages contain change of hairstyle) and on to the second part. The remaining balance has to be paid after the shooting. Postprocessing: Basic retouch of original pictures within 20 days. Select your favorite pictures for high-end retouch (number depending on package). High-end retouch according to your wishes. If photo album is included, album design follows. The finished album is sent to your home.

Where can I get a wedding dress?

Wedding dresses for pre-wedding photography and wedding ceremonies are provided by us. You can choose from our collection of different sizes. If there is no suitable dress or fitting size for you, you will have to bring your own. We also have a collection of different veils, ties and accessories that you can choose from.

What kind of wedding garment shall I choose?

If you decide to bring your own wedding dress to the shooting, a light dress from thin cloth is much more easy to carry. You will also be more flexible and can move freely during the shooting, which allows a wider range of different postures. The outcome will be lively and dynamic. The longer and heavier the dress, the more static the pictures will be, as you won't be able to move much.

What kind of clothing shall I wear for travel portrait photography?

As a general rule it is better to wear light-colored than dark-colored clothes. Why? Because the lighting will be more harmonious. Otherwise you will simply appear in the picture as dark spot.
For couples-, family- and group-photography we recommend to choose a similar clothing style in matching colors, but please do not dress like twins, wearing EXACTLY same. Try to avoid plaid, striped and all black clothing.

Can I choose any hairstyle I like?

If your package includes make-up and hairstyling, we recommend you send us some pictures of your desired style prior to shootingday. In order to keep prices low, make-up-trial is not included in the package. If you wish to meet your stylist prior to the shooting, please make an appointment and pay the additional fee.

Is it possible to get a discount?

Our packages are designed to suit the majority of our customers. Nevertheless, it is possible to modify most packagages to get a cheaper price. For example you can get a discount if you don’t need car & driver, accompanying stylist and/or photoalbum. Please note, that it is not possible to get a discount for every location, as in some places (e.g. Alps) shooting is only possible with car.

Can I choose different modes of transport?

For wedding photography you can choose transportation by private car, by taxi or walking. For travel portrait photography it is also possible to take public transport.

In the center of some cities with their small, old roads it is not possible to drive, but the walking distance between shooting locations will be short. On the other hand it is advisable to take a car, when the distance between locations is very far. For some packages, especially in the countryside, it is necessary to go by car.

What if it rains during the photoshooting?

In case it rains occasionally during the shooting, we can either find a place to rest until the raining stops, or we’ll continue shooting at an inside location (e.g. coffeehouse, restaurant,church, arcades,...). Resting time doesn’t count as shooting time.

In case the weather forecast predicts rain for the whole day, it is possible to change the date according to the availability of our personel. Please note, that all additional expenses created by a change of schedule (possible transport and/or hotel costs, service fee of our contractors...) have to be borne by the customer. We promise, that we’ll keep it as cheap as possible.

Can I get the original pictures directly after the shooting?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. As we are shooting in RAW format, we do not give out any pictures until they received basic retouch and are formatted into JPEG.

Can I get a discount if I book more than one package?

Yes. In most cases we are able to give you a discount if you book two or more packages on consecutive dates, depending on location, shooting length and category. If you are interested in a two-day wedding package please contact us about possible discounts.

Is it necessary to have a photographic assistant?

The assistant helps the photographer to create better lighting, he/she arranges the wedding dress, carries bags and more. If an assistant is present, the photoshooting will run quicker and smoother and the pictures will look better. Therefore we will have an assistant when shooting pre-wedding-photography.

There is no need for an assistant when shooting travel portrait.

What is the difference between wedding-photography and pre-wedding-photography?

Wedding-photography is a photographic documentation of the wedding day, beginning with make-up of the bride and preparation of the groom, followed by the church ceremony and the party afterwards.

Pre-wedding-photography (as the name says) takes place some time before the actual wedding and serves the purpose of creating especially beautiful pictures of the couple in their wedding clothes. It is much more intentional than wedding-photography, because every detail in the picture will be meticulously arranged. Many people combine a journey abroad with a day of taking pre-wedding-pictures.

I’m camera shy and don’t know how to pose. What can I do against it?

There’s no need to worry. Your photographer knows every trick in the book and will tell you exactly how to position yourself to look your most beautiful. If you feel very insecure, we can arrange for a meeting the day before shooting the pictures. You will have a chance to get to know your photographer and learn some posing techniques. To become more confident in front of the camera it is also advisable to practice at home in front of a mirror. Please ask our customer service for our Posing 101 Practice Sheet.

Do you have a fixed route for shooting in every city?

No, we don’t like rigid itineraries. Every customer can choose his/her favorite places and we will take pictures there accordingly. As you might not be familiar with the city we’re going to take pictures in, we will provide suggestions about the best locations, but you are totally free to choose any place you like.

How many pictures can enter the photo album?

There is no restriction for the number of pictures to put in the album. Anyway, due to limited space, we recommend a maximum of 30 pictures per album. Otherwise the outcome will look too dense.

Frequently Asked Questions